13 Pretty Little Finds From Around the Web


In the past year or so, I’ve transitioned most of my shopping to the web. I spend much less time at TJMaxx and Homegoods and more time browsing Etsy shops and startup e-boutiques. I’ve found so many beautiful, creative products recently.

My maybe-someday digital wishlist. Listed from top to bottom:

1. The Long Distance Watch by Keung, $480: As someone who has been in a long-distance relationship for the past year and a half, this elegant, two-time-zone piece captured my heart instantly.

2. Monogrammed python iPad cases by GiGi New York, $110+: I’m a sucker for a leather-bound journal, and I absolutely love that these personalized cases make it look like you’re carrying a journal instead of a tech gadget.

3. Kimono-style robes by Pretty Plum Sugar, $65+: These robes were designed for bridesmaids, but I want one now.

4. Metal hinged Fitbit bracelet by Tory Burch, $195 + $99 for the tracker: I’ve been intrigued by Fitbit’s mobile fitness tracker for awhile, but have never seriously thought about pulling the trigger on one because I just couldn’t imagine wearing a clunky thing on my wrist everyday. So this stylish collaboration with Tory Burch is absolutely brilliant.

5. Couture Book: One of the most gorgeous photobook-printing companies I’ve seen. They literally turn your photos into coffee table books.

6. St. Louis Bengal sunglasses by Krewe du Optic, $195: This New Orleans-based company produces handmade eyewear with a lifetime warranty. I’d love to own a pair someday, but in the meantime I’ll keep following the company’s killer Instagram feed.

7. Bea & the Lady rose and succulent bouquet by Kalla Floral Couture, $150: The flowers in this arrangement are gorgeous, but it’s the vase I can’t stop daydreaming about. It’s the kind of thing you save forever. Bonus – Kalla is based in South Florida and we all know how important it is to support the local economy, right?

8. Palm Beach Lately Map, $30: While I love gold foil prints in pretty swirly type as much as the next girl, the kind of print I would most proudly display in my home is something that connects with my hometown or my upbringing. This print by Palm Beach Lately bloggers couldn’t be more perfect – or adorable.

9. Palm Beach Pillow by Furbish Studio, $65: I’ve been dying for a palm print skirt or bathing suit, but this indoor/outdoor pillow might be even better.

10. The Day Designer planner, $59: This planner has such a cult following that it usually sells out within hours of being restocked on Etsy. It’s an entrepreneur’s – or any career-oriented woman’s – dream. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the planner is stocked with daily agenda sheets to help you plan your schedule, to-do list and even what you plan to eat for dinner. The planner also has yearly and monthly worksheets to plot out long-term goals.

11. Burl OYOBox, $300: I’ve always struggled to find a place to store my glasses, and this handcrafted, shatterproof fits the bill perfectly. The materials alone are droolworthy – seven layers of lacquer, compressed wood, velvet underside cover and leatherette interior – and it holds up to eight pairs of glasses. It comes in tons of colors/materials, too.

12. Kensington Satchel by Belgrave Crescent, $650: This leather satchel is just dreamy. Handmade by craftsmen in the Midlands with English bridle leather. Belgrave Crescent has a lot of amazing pieces, and its product photos are always beautifully styled.

13. Post Office Letterpress Postcard with Edge Painting by The Library Press, $4: The stationery you can find online is just too. good. This is a perfect example. I like you so much I went to the post office… This is totally on my list of things to send my boyfriend. (Photo via @mailmodels)

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  1. Amy Lynne Hayes says:

    Nice roundup!! I have a Fitbit, and have been eyeing that Tory Burch bracelet for awhile now. It is an amazing tool for showing you how much you DON’T move all day, especially work days lol. I also want the Couture Book and the Day Designer planner – might be time for some online shopping! ;)

    • Jennifer Tormo says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Amy! How do you like the Fitbit? I’ve tried its competitor larklife and thought it was just OK.

      I mayyy have already ordered a Day Designer for myself. ;) Can’t wait to get it! Online shopping is my vice.

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