Wanderlust Wednesday: the World’s Largest Underground Trampoline

World's largest underground trampoline – Bounce Below in Wales

Here in South Florida, trampoline parks have become quite trendy over the last year or so. It seems a new one is listed locally on Groupon every week. I went to one for the first time last fall – Off the Wall in Coconut Creek. After hours playing laser tag with a bunch of teenagers and bouncing on the giant trampolines until I was out of breath, I wondered why I wasn’t indulging in this awesomeness every weekend. Then my boyfriend slipped one of the trampolines and sprained his ankle, and we decided maybe we’d had enough of the trampoline parks for a little while.

But I’d jump at the chance to go to Bounce Below, a trampoline park inside a cavern in Wales that opened this past weekend. Bounce Below has transformed the nostalgic trampolining from your childhood into a sport for the truly adventurous. Guests are transported to the cavern by an old mining train and they must wear a protective helmet and cotton overalls to participate.

The trampoline nets are spread across two huge chambers at varying levels and are linked together by walkways and and slides that are up to 60 feet long. A technicoloured light display illuminates the cavern so guests can admire the geology. If you go, dress in comfortable but warm clothing, as the temperature in the cavern is about 46 degrees F.

Admission is £15/person (about $25) – not a bad price for such a one-of-a-kind experience, if you ask me.

World's largest underground trampoline – Bounce Below in Wales (images via)

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