Must-have candle: Tocca’s ‘Colette’

IMG_1485 My love for candles comes from my mom. I grew up on trips to the mall that always involved a stop by Yankee Candle, and in a home that had a different scent everyday – macintosh apples, cinnamon vanilla, fresh-cut roses, orange sherbert.

As an adult, I love coming home and opening my bedroom door to be greeted by the whiff of a fresh fragrance, lingering from a candle I lit the day before. Even better, a well-packaged candle also makes a stylish nightstand, bathroom counter or desk accessory.

Lately I’ve been particularly loving this Tocca mini candle, adorably categorized as a candelina. This scent – incense, musky vanilla and amber – is named after Parisian novelist Colette. The fragrance smells like a mix of freshly laundered clothing and warm, home-baked vanilla cookies. The mini candles, priced reasonably at $20, burn for 30 hours. I have been burning mine almost every day the past month because it just smells so good. I am sad to say the wax is almost gone, but there is an upside: the minimal but elegant packaging is so gorgeous that I fully intend to wash and keep it after to house pencils or lipgloss.

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