Holiday Wine Pairings

wine chart

I have this bad habit when it comes to wine. I always order the same varietal, no matter what I’m eating. I know what I like, and it’s riesling, OK? But one of my goals for the new year is to learn more about wine and wine pairings. While working on a recent issue of Gold Coast, I interviewed Andrew Lampasone, owner of Wine Watch boutique and creator of “What I Drank Yesterday” YouTube series, to create the infographic above.  In addition to the pairing suggestions, he also offered these tips:

  • Foods that are hard to pair with wine: “Asparagus, artichokes and brussel sprouts will make almost any wine hard to pair,” Lampasone says. He recommends avoiding using them in wine-pairing dishes.
  • “If it’s a large group of people, keep it very vanilla-chocolate-strawberry,” he says, suggesting a simple wine like merlot. “Don’t go too eclectic on them.”
  • As a general rule when pairing desserts with wine, the food should not be sweeter than the wine.

Happy holidays!

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