Holiday Gift Idea: FruitFlowers


I have never really been into flowers. Don’t get me wrong – I do get excited when I get an unexpected bouquet in the mail for my birthday or as a thank you present. And, of course I’ll take a picture and post it straight to Instagram, obviously. But there are plenty of less expensive things I’d take over a flower bouquet. Chocolate, for one. Cupcakes. Why don’t you just take me out for dessert? OK, the truth: I’m just not that good at keeping flowers alive.

But when I heard about FruitFlowers, a company that delivers made-to-order edible fruit bouquets to the Tri-County area, that was a different story.



The company cuts fresh fruit into the shapes of flowers and arranges the pieces bouquet-style in a vase. The individual “flowers” are attached to skewer “stems,” so you can pull out whichever fruit you like and eat it off the stick. There are 102 different arrangements available for purchase online, with sizes ranging from a couple servings to 100 servings. The brand’s signature basket, which I’ve pictured here, contains about 10-12 portions of fruit.

I received an arrangement for review this weekend. It had pineapple, melon, honeydew, strawberries, kiwi and grapes, but baskets with blueberries, oranges, apples and more are also available. Some baskets even come with chocolate- or white-chocolated-dipped fruits. I got wind that an arrangement containing chocolate-dipped bananas will be available soon, too. (Um, I want it already.)


I was so impressed with the company’s attention to detail and how beautifully cut each piece of fruit is. Each piece of fruit is carefully selected from farmers markets and wholesale vendors – only the freshest pieces make it to delivery. At the Fort Lauderdale location, approximately three people put together each bouquet, assembly-line style. I was fascinated to learn that the workers are such pros it only takes about 15 minutes to put each arrangement together. It would take me hours to make something that beautiful!


I was especially impressed with the design of the strawberries, which are meant to represent blooming flowers, sliced open ever-so-slightly at the top. A marshmallow is nestled inside the berry, and a kiwi and grape at the base act as the leaves and stem. I have the hardest time finding non-bruised strawberries when I shop, but each strawberry in my basket was a flawless red. The berries were some of the largest strawberries I’ve seen.


If you are ordering a basket, a few things you should know:

  • The company is still taking deliveries for Thanksgiving, so if you’ve been looking for an ideas for Thursday… you’re welcome.
  • Prices are reasonable; most bouquets seem to fall in the $50 to $100 range.
  • Because the fruits are perishable, baskets are delivered in-person by a FruitFlowers rep during the day. If a recipient isn’t home to accept the arrangement, the company can leave it with a neighbor or contact the recipient to schedule a better delivery time.
  • My basket was delivered from Fort Lauderdale, which has a fleet of five refrigerated vans that travel between Homestead and Jupiter daily. But, as I understand it, there are franchise locations all over the country, so if you don’t live in South Florida, you may still be able to get a fruit bouquet delivered to you.

Photos by Adam Alvarez.

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