1920s Speakeasy Opens Tonight in Fort Lauderdale


I discovered Green Room by accident. A year ago, I was out with a group of girlfriends at America’s Backyard. We were feeling tired and ready to go home. We were getting just a little too old to spend more than a couple hours with the college-aged, fist-pumping, free-shot-drinking crowd. Over it. We were looking for the back exit when we stumbled upon Green Room, a small, one-room bar behind America’s Backyard. We walked into a sea of hipsters. The speakers were blasting throwback indie music I hadn’t heard since high school. There were neon lights and bubbles. My friends and I found a group of hipster guys dancing with a blow-up doll. We grabbed some PBRs and just like that, we weren’t tired anymore.

I no idea what a role Green Room would play in my life for the next year – that I’d spend several weekend nights there a month, leaving America’s Backyard and Dicey’s behind for greener pastures, or that most importantly, I’d meet my boyfriend there a couple months later in one of the most random, beautiful, fateful moments of my life.

So when I heard the bar was closing, I was sad – understandably, right? A chapter of my life, done-zo.


Around the same time, I heard about a trendy new speakeasy-themed bar with craft cocktails opening in Fort Lauderdale called Stache 1920s Drinking Den. I had always thought the exclusive, secretive speakeasies in cities like New York sounded like the very definition of the word “cool,” so I was excited to find out something like that was opening in my own little city. I immediately RSVPed for the opening and began to stalk the bar’s Facebook page for updates.

I found out a couple weeks ago that in a twist of irony, Stache is replacing Green Room. So, if all the hype about Stache is true, I’m OK with losing Green Room.

Tonight’s the Night


The opening I’ve been waiting for – or from the buzz I’ve heard around town, a lot of us have been waiting for – is tonight. Best of all, for a $10 donation to Glam-A-THON, the sustainable breast-cancer support non-profit, you can gain entry to Stache and get a premium craft cocktail, passed hor d’ouevres and a Glam’Stache Pin to wear in support of breast cancer awareness.

The event: The 1920s-themed event will feature live cabaret performances, tapas and dessert by chef Shashank Agtey’s tasteful tapas, craft beer, wine, sake and champagne, as well as cocktails by mixologist John Lermayer.

Location: 109 SW 2nd Ave, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312

Time: Friday, Sept. 27th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

How to get in: Mandatory RSVP to RSVPstache@gmail.com, plus $10 donation to Glam-A-THON.

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