The world’s largest butterfly park: Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Fla.

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I wrote about visiting the Key West butterfly conservatory last summer. That experience was memorable enough that I was super excited to visit Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, which is the largest butterfly park in the world.

I went on a field trip for Cameras for Kids Foundation, an organization I’m involved with that educates underprivileged children on the art of photography. CFKF offers foster kids seven weeks of photography classes, culminating in a field trip to a destination the students choose to take their final photos at. Acting as an assistant teacher earlier this summer was a very rewarding experience, and it was amazing to see the kids light up as they were surrounded by hundreds of butterflies on their field trip.


The butterflies were not at all afraid of humans, and would often land on your shoulder, hands or clothes.






After Butterfly World, we let the kids pick their favorite shots and made them prints to sign.

Some crazy facts about Butterfly World: It has been open for 25 years. It is home to more than 20,000 butterflies of more than 150 species. The butterflies are bred at the facility, so guests can witness the creatures’ entire life spans, as caterpillars and cocoons are also on display. It is also home to the world’s largest free-flight hummingbird aviary. In a nutshell, the park is pretty cool, and I can’t believe I’ve lived in Broward County for almost two years and only just now visited it.

It’s $20 to $25 to visit the park, depending on a guest’s age. (Psst, you can get a discount coupon for $3 off.) For more info on Butterfly World, visit

Also, I can’t keep it a secret: I took all of these photos with the iPhone 5. I am continually blown away by how good my phone’s camera is. There is no real replacement for an SLR, but the iPhone comes pretty damn close.

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