Fort Lauderdale Beach Dining Spotlight: Ocean2000

Bosco's Revenge – Ocean2000 review

Bosco’s Revenge with Ron Botran rum, Fragoli strawberry liquor and mint sprigs is like a mojito.

I am a sucker for restaurants with a view. Food just tastes better when you’re looking at waves crashing onto the beach, OK? But restaurants with a great view and food? Are just on a different level. (Do I need to explain again why Steak 954 is my favorite restaurant in Fort Lauderdale?)

I recently stopped by the Pelican Grand Beach Resort for dinner at its new restaurant, Ocean2000. The high-end restaurant located in the boutique hotel (maybe one of the prettiest Fort Lauderdale hotels I’ve stepped into) offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and the option to sit inside or outside. Outside seems like a no-brainer because you’re seated literally steps away from the ocean. With modern, white chandeliers, big comfy leather booths, romantic lighting, and a glimpse of the ocean from large windows, inside seating is enticing too .

The ceviche at Ocean2000 review

The ceviche at Ocean2000 was one of my favorite dishes. Marinated in lime, cilantro and red onions, and served with the flakiest little crackers, it’s hard to stop eating.

Hot Red Mess martini – Ocean2000 review

Hot Red Mess martini with Absolut Orient Apple, apple cider, strawberry and fresh ginger.

The Warm Chocolate Brownie – Ocean2000 review

The Warm Chocolate Brownie was so good. It has caramel popcorn and bourbon ice cream. I’m not into bourbon so I was a little hesitant at first, but the flavor was subtle, and the texture and sweet-salty flavor that the popcorn added was wonderful.

I love trying new things and don’t often like eating at the same restaurant twice, but I can honestly say I will be back for another meal at Ocean2000. This is a great restaurant for a date or to take out-of-towners (I can totally see it eliciting that awed “this-is-where-you-live?” reaction.). Plus, their brunch menu sounds amazing – I think that’s next on my list.

Check out my original article on Ocean2000 in Gold Coast magazine’s May issue.

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