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Red velvet cupcake from Sweeter Days Bake Shop

It’s that time of year. During season, we get incredibly busy in and out of work. That means I end up having so much I could blog about, that when I sit down to actually do it I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I have a lot individual restaurant, boutique and travel posts (I still have to share the rest of my Europe photos) that I’m hoping to catch up during the month of December, but in the meantime, these are some of the best things I’ve done lately.

1. Researching the “Best of South Florida” issue for Gold Coast and Boca Life

It’s always fun to do our “Best Of” issue. I love local businesses and it’s great to get a chance to scope out the best ones. I learned about a lot of great new spots this year, from a cafe that serves creme brulee French toast (Hibiscus Cafe) to tourist trip that’s worth venturing to for its amazing Key lime pie (Bob Roth’s New River Groves) to a shop with more than 50 types of freshly made donuts (Dandee Donuts). Managing Editor Nila and I were the photographers on this one, which meant we got to meet a lot of the shop owners and gain an even better appreciation for their businesses. Here are some of my shots for the piece. Read the full “Best Of” on our website.

I have been obsessing over food trucks lately, and Nacho Bizness has some of the most fresh, flavorful Mexican food I’ve tasted.

There are stacks upon stacks of old records at Radioactive Records.

Radioactive Records.

Radioactive Records

Sweeter Days Bake Shop, also known as um, heaven.

I think this some of the prettiest food I’ve ever taken a picture of.

2. The Walking with Anthony Foundation’s “Movement for Change: It’s Time to Soar” Red Carpet Event

I couldn’t be more grateful to my friend Aimee for inviting me to this amazing event. I originally posted about it here, but actually experiencing the event was an entirely different story. The transformation of the hangar at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport was stunning. The room glowed in red and white (the organization’s signature colors) and I was so impressed at how cool the event was, with 300 attendees and an atmosphere that felt more like a chic lounge or nightclub than a charity event. I’ve never seen so many people dancing at this type of event. Not only that, but the event raised more than $150,000 for a great cause. Listening to the speakers and watching the event videos gave me chills – it made me realize how quickly and how easily lives can change, and how grateful I am for my health. I was in a bad car accident almost five years ago and broke my back, and listening to the speakers at this event reminded me how lucky I am that day wasn’t much worse.

How gorgeous is this venue?

Walking With Anthony President, Micki Purcell; Walking With Anthony Executive Director, Anthony Purcell; Honorary Event Chair, Kevin Everett, Former NFL and University of Miami Player; and EXTRA Special Correspondent and Y-100′s own Michael Yo from “The Yo Show”

Me and my friend Elizabeth at the event. Elizabeth is one of my best friends from college and she moved to Fort Lauderdale about a month and a half ago. Having one of my best friends in my city is definitely one of the best things that happened to me this year!

3. Various media dinners and events

Like I mentioned before, I hope to have lots of restaurant posts coming your way in December! In the meantime, here are some great events I attended in the last few months.

I always love media dinners at Dos Caminos, Fort Lauderdale, and this one a couple months ago had great food and amazing company.

Me, my publisher Bernie and his wife Peggy, and my friend Aimee, all clad in white at Cheers for Charity.

The food at Cheers for Charity from American Social was great. I especially loved this goat cheese salad as well as the salmon.

The ambience at Cheers for Charity.

The setting at Cheers for Charity – a lit-up fountain at Huizenga Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I can’t wait for next year’s event!

My friend Lisa and me at Habitat for Humanity’s “Hammers, Nails & Cocktails” at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Stunning event!

Me, my friend Mindy and fellow editor Nila at the Jupiter Magazine season launch party up at Cantino Laredo in Palm Beach Gardens. Cheers to a new season!

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