Good Brunch in Boca Raton: Tanzy restaurant

A Boca Mimosa at Tanzy restaurant in Boca. Made with Florida orange juice, orange marmalade, blood oranges and Moet Imperial.

I love breakfast. I mean it. My favorite weekends are the ones when I can convince my roommate to make breakfast (Usually I do this by emerging from my room, hair all-a-mess, and saying, “You know what would be really good right now? Eggs,” and she sighs dramatically and says “Fine,” before whipping up something elaborate.). Or the weekends when I get French toast at Steak 954. Or the weekends when I get brunch at Foxy Brown. Or any night when I have brinner. (Scrubs reference, anyone?)

But my idea of breakfast is like, scrambled eggs, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. If we’re going to get fancy, maybe a mimosa and some whipped cream on those pancakes. So when I set out for brunch at Tanzy, the restaurant attached to the new iPic Theatres in Boca Raton, I was expecting, you know, breakfast. But when I walked in, the first thing I spotted was a blood orange mimosa and it became immediately clear that this was breakfast on a totally different level. The kind of level that includes uber-spicy brown sugar bacon and bloody Marys garnished with practically an entire garden and fine cured meats, and octopus, and a bag of the most wonderful beignets.

I mean, really, I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a restaurant associated with iPic, which is basically as luxe as you can get when it comes to going to the movies. (At iPic, you watch the latest films from leather recliners complete with blankets and pillows. A button summons a ninja-like server who will take your order, bringing you unlimited free popcorn or items from the Tanzy Express menu).

Here’s a visual tour of brunch at Tanzy.

My favorite cocktail at Tanzy, the Illegalito, can optionally be served in a shaved pineapple for $5 extra. It’s a sweet, creamy mix of passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, Pestato Italiano, Boca local fresh sugar cane and Brazilian rum.

A bag of Tanzy’s signature beignets is a great way to start brunch. They are so light and delicious. I have the same kind of problem with these that I have when I go to the Cheesecake Factory and they bring bread… I eat so much of it I’m full before my meal even comes out. Seriously, have one and try not to eat another. It’s like the old Flipz commercials.

This dish – asparagus, poached egg, prosciutto and whipped ricotta cheese – was just so simple and so perfect. I probably never would’ve thought to order this on my own, but it actually turned out to be my favorite part of the brunch.

The brown-sugar spiced bacon with chili flakes was beautifully prepared and delicious. But I’m not into spicy food and man, I could only handle a couple bites of this. My mouth was on fiyah.

The Monte Cristo is a definite highlight – it’s like a dessert sandwich. Smoked ham and gruyere cheese layered in sweet bread and lightly fried with fresh strawberries and maple syrup gelato. Yes, you read that right – maple syrup gelato.

I have to add that even drinking water at Tanzy is an exceptional experience. The water pitchers come with fresh mint from Tanzy’s own herb garden and lemon or strawberries. And it’s complimentary.

And while we’re on the subject of beverages, check out the Tanzy Mary made from scratch with San Marzano tomato. Have you ever seen such a beautifully prepared cocktail? It’s almost too pretty to drink.

Grilled Octopus is on a list of starters that includes items like meatballs, salmon pizza and beef carpaccio. This one contains shaved fennel, pickled cucumbers, purple potatoes, green onions and is lightly tossed in a lemonette.

The only way to make breakfast better would be to add dessert, so of course I had to try some of that too, including Tartufo, small bites of Italian ice-cream dessert with a cherry, sliced-almond center, covered in a velvety chocolate shell and topped with fresh strawberries.

The beignets are even better at dessert, this time with a rosemary flavor and topped with olive oil gelato, sea salt and candied sugar.

My favorite dessert – red velvet bread pudding. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say anything else.

So it’s almost 5:30 and I’m officially thinking about brinner again. But I think next time it’s the weekend and I’m craving eggs, I’ll have to cut my roommate a break and suggest we go to Boca for brunch instead.


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