Checking Into: Canyon Ranch, Miami Beach

This past weekend, a thought crossed my mind that I never thought I’d ever have: I want to live in Miami.

Let me be honest: I know Miami is about the hippest place in Florida, but it’s not really for me. I can’t take the crazy drivers, the snobby clubs that won’t let anyone in, or the fact that half the people speak a language I can’t understand.

But my weekend at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach made me think maybe I can overlook all of that.

Canyon Ranch is a luxury suite-hotel right on Miami Beach. The hotel offers a wide array of fitness and wellness classes for guests at no extra charge (including a breathing and meditation class that I tried) and access to an incredible spa and sauna (there is even an igloo room offering an Artic mist experience and three different storm shower options). Plus, it is perfectly located for nightlife, about five miles away from all the clubs and lounges my friends were interested in checking out.

Walking into your backyard at Canyon Ranch brings you straight to a gorgeous white-sand beach.

Here is the craziest part: You can actually live at Canyon Ranch. Beachfront townhomes and tower residences are both for sale. I have a lot of dreams in life, and I think living at a place like Canyon Ranch is the newest one on that list.

A quick tour of the hotel:

With a kitchen like this, I think I actually might want to take up cooking. Plus, there is a Publix right across the street to buy food.

I MUST have a bathroom that looks like this someday. The shower and bathtub were amazing, too.

The hot tub by the adult pool.

Is this not the cutest outdoor seating setup you’ve ever seen in your life? How can I get this furniture when I have my own apartment?

Because the hotel is so focused on health and wellness, it was very easy to be disciplined while dining at the hotel. All the portions were small and many of the ingredients were natural and organic. Even the desserts were smaller than the palm of my hand. Dessert highlights included a white chocolate lollipop, strawberry shortcake and key lime tart.

Make-your-own soda. One of the most unique experiences I’ve had at a restaurant. You mix the syrup and club soda in the glass yourself.

A 5-oz sirloin burger topped with blue cheese and white cheddar. Sooo good.

Pancakes with strawberries baked in. I’ve had pancakes with strawberries on top before, but never baked into the pancake.

As for fun around Miami, I enjoyed going to Lincoln Road and shopping after I left the hotel Sunday. I bought two necklaces for about $15 total at a fashion jewelry store called So Good, and my friend Juan and I spent hours perusing books at a bookstore called Books & Books.

Driving around Miami Beach on our way to Lincoln Road.

Me and my friend Juan on our way to Lincoln Road.

I’m not sure when during my weekend I stopped caring about the crazy Miami drivers. Maybe it was during my Mango Sugar Glo body treatment. Or it could have been later, when I was laying out on the beach in a cushioned chair, wearing the hotel’s complimentary sunscreen (perfect for a girl who always forgets sunscreen). Or maybe it was during my meditation and breathing class. Either way, a 25-mile drive to work would be worth it if I could come home every night to Canyon Ranch.

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  1. Nila says:

    I LOVE Books & Books! There’s even one that just opened up off Las Olas at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. Love your blog!

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